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The Radley “Tear Away Mer” Classic Portrait Bag is an unique, an eclectic leather tote. It’s embroidered with beautiful patchwork, and completed with charm embellishments.


There are lots of women’s handbags out there, and the RADLEY “Tear Away Mer” Classic Portrait Bag is definitely one of the more unique handbag which stands out of the crowd.

This lovely bag from Radley is available for US$345.


The holiday season is here. If you are planning to send your fashionista friends a greeting holiday card, Juicy Couture has something suitable for you: a boxed set of assorted holiday cards with 2 metallic pens.


The holiday cards from Juicy Couture is only $25 and is available on Neiman Marcus.

Girls, fan of Shiseido out there, check out the limited edition of French-milled soap with honey from Shiseido.

It’s only US$7.50. Get it now!

Are you one of the fan for the movie Sex and the City? If yes, here’s a great news for you: Sony Ericsson has announced the W350i – Sex and the City edition.

Besides the standard features, the limited edition ivory white W350i features a memory stick preloaded with the movie’s OST, the video song, “Labels or Love” by Fergie, and three wallpapers

Check out this lovely pink gadget — the Kodak Zi6 hand held digital camcorder.

Besides being pink (which all of us love), here are some reasons to own this gadget:

  • HD video capable
  • Built in USB connector
  • Expanded with cheap SD cards
  • Simple interface
  • Weighs just 3.8 ounces
  • Cost only $179.95

Convinced to buy one already? Here’s the product page.

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For women who love drinking, the pink high heel and stiletto bar set is everything you ever wanted for your bar.

The bar set includes a bottle opener, cork screw, bottle stop and drinks measure, all in pink color. For guys, if your girl friend is a bar tender, you have just found a perfect Christmas gift for her!

Look at this sexy embellished satchel from Guess. It’s available in pink and brown, and it looks fashionable!

Made of imported PVC, the bag definitely looks like it can hold all your essentials. The price if $99. Get one today!